A neighbor’s view

Neighbor Jake London had this to say about dining out on Beacon Hill.    We couldn’t agree more!

Busy day for me today. Not a lot of time to eat. So I phoned in an
order to Beacon Ave Deli Sandwiches around 6:45pm (they close at 7pm).
Then, I buzzed up there, picked up the sandwich, brought it home, and
ate it.

Total time spent: 30 min. Now, I’m back on task (well almost <g>).
This experience got me thinking a little bit about how much has changed over the last year and half up here on Beacon Hill.

I prefer not to eat in such a hurry. But sometimes it can’t be helped.
Even a few months ago, I could not have run out and grabbed a quick,
made to order, quality sandwich, without leaving BEHI. Now I can. This
is such a quality of life improvement.

Between new spots like Beacon Ave Deli Sandwiches, Tippe and Drague,
Travelers, the Oak, and Bar del Corso; and old favorites like El
Quetzal, Baja Bistro, Inay’s, Kucina Filipina, etc., we’ve got
significantly more dining choices than we did even 18 months ago.

I don’t know about you folks, but I find it a really amazing change to
be able to go out regularly for a bite or a beer without leaving my

I just want to encourage everyone, within their time and means, to
keep giving these places your business. (Haven’t been to the sandwich
shop yet? Give it a try!). And if you feel like your needs aren’t
being met, try to offer friendly and constructive feedback. I’ve
gotten to know the owners of a number of these new spots, and they all
seem very committed to serving the needs of the people who live in the