About Us

Beacon Business Alliance exists to promote equitable economic development in our neighborhood through community engagement, organizing, advocacy, networking and collaboration. We formed as a community-based development organization under the name Beacon Hill Merchants Association, receiving our 501(c)3 status in 2010. Today and from 2019 forward, we celebrate our new name and visioning with renewed energy and inspiration.

Our board, staff and volunteers work together to plan for and promote equitable community and economic development of the neighborhood through programming and revitalization activities. We seek to build on and improve the many excellent qualities of what is already here in our community.

We act as liaison between our neighborhood’s businesses and the City of Seattle and its various departments. We regularly advocate for Beacon Hill to have higher visibility at the city level and to increase levels of funding for city projects here.

Want to get involved? We invite you to join us, in collaboration with our members and our partner community groups, in making Beacon Hill a great place to live, work or visit. Paid members are given organizational voting rights, included in group marketing efforts, listed on the website, informed of all meetings and any unique marketing opportunities. It’s easy to become a member! Send an email to info@beaconbusinessalliance.org and someone will contact you!