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Beacon Business Alliance formed as a community-based development organization in 2010 to promote equitable economic development in our neighborhood through community engagement, organizing, advocacy, networking, and collaboration. Through personalized outreach we are able to provide technical assistance, filling a critical gap by connecting businesses with specialists in areas like lease negotiation or banking and lending. Our robust social media, web, and online communications serve to increase visibility and cross-promote our small businesses citywide. 

Today more than ever, our South Seattle small businesses need community—and nimble neighborhood advocates like BBA—to manage through this difficult time. 

Help us continue this work by donating now.

From BBA Director, Angela Castañeda:

A few weeks ago my comadre Sarah Valenta, Community & Business Manager at HomeSight, sent out an email asking if other neighborhood advocates might lend support to a project that would make it easier for folks in southeast Seattle find what’s open. Through our outreach we’ve connected with so many dear businesses that are struggling to stay alive; forced to rethink ways they can safely make their services and products and food available to us. 

We all agreed every business is essential to the community in some vital way, so we would include more than just food. A team gelled, and through focused collaboration we launched a directory that’s super easy to use and with tons of potential for the long term. Today we are sharing the result of great team work ( press release below), but first I have a request:

Several days ago Seattle’s only weekly newspaper, The Stranger, reached out to us at BBA to be one of the community organizations to receive digital advertising credit in their reader donation program. We know that 90% of their revenue was “virtually eliminated” by the shut down. Like Seattle’s music and performance venues, and artists who perform in them, the advertising and ticketing fees for events where people gather are now zip. For this week only, your support of The Stranger will also provide a vehicle for BBA to make what we do more visible, generate engagement, and hopefully, encourage BBA donations to support the work.

I hope you’ll take time for a few important donations today …and check out the directory for yourself! If you find it useful let us know.

Saludos to you and yours,

M. Angela Castañeda
Director, Beacon Business Alliance

Aer Parris, 646-320-8847,

For Immediate Release
Tuesday, May 5, 2020

Beacon Business Alliance (BBA) & Partners Introduce — Helping Locals Shop South Seattle Businesses

As the health and economic effects of COVID-19 sweep over our community in Seattle, we at Beacon Business Alliance (BBA), a 501(c)3 business alliance advocating for South Seattle’s small business community, have joined forces with other neighborhood partners to create, a site that helps our neighbors shop hyperlocal.

Over 150 South Seattle restaurants, markets, groceries, and nonprofits are currently open and as others get reactivated you’ll find them all in the easily searchable website. is made possible with ongoing support from our collaborators: Rainier Avenue Business Coalition, Mt. Baker Hub Alliance, Martin Luther King Business Association, Columbia City Business Association, and Rainier Beach Merchants Association (live links on the website). We’d also like to thank HomeSight for the website build and ongoing management as well as the Office of Economic Development for partial funding.

“Collaboration is the only way forward, now and in the future,” says BBA Director Angela Castañeda. “Just as businesses cannot thrive without customers, communities cannot thrive without shared support. It’s incredibly inspiring how we came together on this project to connect residents to their local essential businesses.”

Today more than ever, our South Seattle small businesses need community—and nimble neighborhood advocates like BBA—to manage through this difficult time. Support your neighborhood business association!

Let us know if a local business should be in the directory that isn’t already, or could use support. Contact us today at 206-459-1430 or


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