Robert Hinrix is a longtime Beacon Hill resident, musician, community advocate/activist, and home business owner of Hinrix Music where he specializes in fine woodworking as a luthier, cabinetmaker and special projects. Robert is a co-founder of the BBA, and currently serves as Board Chair.

Miguel Maestas is the Housing and Economic Development Director of El Centro de la Raza and has been with El Centro for a total of 19 years. Miguel is actively engaged in community development and organizing communities for advocacy and participation, and has distinguished himself as an effective leader and a respected community organizer.

Miguel has worked in youth services, housing, economic and community development, organizing, administration and education programs for 32 years.  Miguel holds a Bachelor of Science in Early Childhood Multicultural Education from the University of New Mexico.

Kelly Sommerfeld is a co-partner and design principle of Ten Penny Studio Design + Construction, a design-build company in the Beacon hill neighborhood of Seattle. Ten Penny is focused on providing thoughtful architectural & building solutions for homeowners, small business owners, and community organizations primarily located in Seattle’s south end. Kelly is working to connect with communities, organizations, and individuals working on affordable housing to explore backyard cottages as a potential housing option and to join in advocacy and outreach efforts on this issue. When not at work, Kelly and Brandon can be found with their son Mac playing in the neighborhood with their community. Kelly currently serves as the BBA Board Secretary.

Michael Charles is a principal owner of Seattle’s political consulting firm CD Strategic, Inc. He lives in Beacon Hill with his wife Toshiko, dog Apollo and cat Kaji. His wife Toshiko is a fourth generation Beacon Hill resident! He’s interested in building political power for BBA and strategies to protect businesses, especially those owned by people of color, facing displacement from the swift changes (good and bad) happening to the neighborhood.

Suzy Lee has longtime family connections on Beacon Hill and works as a Development Associate with El Centro de la Raza. Suzy also serves on the Arnold Guild with the FredHutchison Cancer & Research Center. She has a degree in Geospatial Informatics from the University of Washington.