Celebrating our Newest Retail Business—inside one of the hill’s oldest businesses

Approximately 32 years ago property owners Maura Shapley and Jack LeNoir started Day Moon Press on the ground floor of their building at 3320 Beacon Ave. South. Jump forward to 2014 these two still maintain a busy printing schedule, housing an impressive number of working letterpresses and a large library of metal type. Today Day Moon Press has spiced things up by inviting a new business to share the footprint. BHMA paid a visit to see the newest evolution of the space, understand a bit more how the partnership happened, and to officially welcome Mia Fioravanti to the hill.

It’s about timingMia has worked as a clothing designer for many years. Her focus has been on women’s wear and wedding dresses. She previously had been working out of her home studio just a few blocks from Day Moon Press. When the need for business cards, hang tags and marketing materials arose she came to Maura because of the quality and Maura’s incredible attention to detail. When Maura decided to open some of her space up, Mia just happened to be in the right place at the right time and the collaboration began. It has now been just about two months and both have concluded that it works, and beautifully at that.

It’s about reactivating space:
Maura Shapely comments on the new arrangement: “I’ve reduced my footprint to be more efficient than before, and easily opened up this space that she (Mia) needed for her sewing. It was very invigorating to get rid of a few things, and really focus on what I enjoy doing the most, and the equipment I exactly need. So she is doing very much the same thing that we’ve always done. She is producing, selling and greeting her clients in that space. It’s working out, I think, very nicely.”

Our visit was timely, finding both Beacon Hill business women in the shopand not too busy to accommodate our questions.  We left dreaming of potential projects and customers we might bring back one day (anyone getting married? Here you’ve got the dressmaker and the invitations all in one, done!). Maybe this post will catch you at the right time…

  • For views of the new space check out Mia’s blog http://miafioravanti.com/blog/.
  • Read about Mia Fioravanti in Seattle Magazine’s “Seamless in Seattle”: http://www.seattlemag.com/gallery/mia-fioravanti.
  • For information about design and printing services with DayMoon Press: http://daymoonpress.com