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PODCAST SOBRE LAS LEYES LABORALES  Escuche un taller – una grabación en vivo – sobre el salario mínimo, tiempo ausencia por enfermedad, seguridad en el trabajo y compensación. *Escúchalo aquí* There are so many different ways to learn about Seattle’s Labor Standards. We’ll come to you for a one-to-one training (about 20 mins) – send an email request and we’ll set you up. There are a ton of resources to download from the City of Seattle’s website as well. Maybe your Labor Standards poster got coffee splashed all over it and you just need a new one? Or, you’ve been trying your best to stay on top of things but you just learned there might be changes in 2018? All of this can be daunting when you are trying to run a small business in Seattle …imagine if you were non-English speaking/reading? There are multilingual info sheets and flyers too and now, in the comfort of your own space, you can listen to a Spanish language SPL podcast of a workshop (hosted by BHMA and recorded on September 19th, 2017). ¡Fantástico!


For people who love Beacon Hill’s ethnic, social, and economic diversity, Beacon Business Alliance promotes the neighborhood, connects stakeholders, and more.


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