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The voting deadline for Beacon Hill Neighborhood Street Fund projects is fast approaching. Here’s what you need to know:

It’s time to vote for your favorite Neighborhood Street Fund (NSF) projects for the 2019–2021 cycle. There are three proposals being considered on Beacon Hill:
  1. “Beacon Ave S Mobility Improvements” (our partner project with the Beacon Hill Safe Streets!)
  2. “Fix Golf Drive” 
  3. “Beacon Ave Trail Enhancements”
All projects would bring safety improvements and potentially contribute to community identity and sense of place. The Beacon Business Alliance proposal is the “Beacon Ave S Mobility Improvements” and we’d love to have your vote! Peruse all potential projects and cast your vote for up to 5 of them (don’t choose more than 5 or your vote WILL NOT be counted). You have until May 5 to participate. Note: If you live in or around Beacon Hill, you’re in District 2. If you’re not sure about your district number, you can look it up here. Then vote!

Beacon Ave S Mobility Improvements”

Beacon Ave S Mobility Improvements is a proposal that consists of two projects rolled into one (both are within three blocks of one another): The first is for mobility hub improvements at the Beacon Hill Light Rail Station where Beacon Ave S. intersects with S. Lander St (and 16th Ave S. from the north). It would clarify connections between different types of travel (bus, car, foot travel, etc.) around the station and provide amenities that increase safety. The other is for pedestrian crossing improvements at Beacon Ave S. and S. Stevens St. (adjacent to Stevens Place Park), which would improve pedestrian crossing by adding curb bulbs or other safety improvements (for crossing Beacon Ave S.). The improvements at the Light Rail Station and adjacent to Stevens’ Place Park will incorporate art into the design and the community will see the street used as a creative canvas with the artwork coordinated so that the two intersections are connected thematically.

Looking east from Beacon Ave S. at S. Lander St. where 16th Ave S. intersects from the north. Pictured are the Beacon Hill Light Rail Station, The Station coffee shop, and Plaza Roberto Maestas. This is one of two projects that make up Beacon Ave S Mobility Improvements.” (Image: Google Maps)

Beacon Ave S. looking north toward the intersection of S. Stevens St.—Stevens Place Park is ahead and to the left. The Beacon Hill Library is just beyond that. The Valero gas station (not visible) is directly to the right. This is one of two projects that make up Beacon Ave S Mobility Improvements.” (Image: Google Maps)

If you want to see the “Beacon Ave S Mobility Improvements” projects happen on Beacon Hill, vote now!


Community Members Envision Street Art at the Light Rail Station 

Back in November, BBA, the City of Seattle, and virtual reality specialists Immersive Square set up a tent at our Shop Seattle Gems pop-up festival, giving community members the ability to design, with VR tech, creative concepts for street art for the two intersections that make up “Beacon Ave S Mobility Improvements.” Check it out in this video and in the images below…

At the Shop Seattle Gems event, community members used their creativity to envision what the street art at Beacon Ave S. and S. Lander St might look like—they came up with everything from mountain ranges and giant colorful stars to ‘Despicable Me’ minions.

  [Featured image: Left: One of two intersections with proposed improvements on Beacon Ave S. Right: An example of street art that accompanies pedestrian crossing and other safety improvements.]


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