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As a member of ESES Collective, Beacon Business Alliance is excited to be a 2021 sponsor of Seattle Restaurant Week! ESES Collective is committed to improving the visibility of our food venues that have struggled mightily during the pandemic but have stayed open for us, to provide us with their delicious menus from Beacon Hill to Rainier Beach. Seattle Restaurant Week October 24 to November 6, 2021, is another great opportunity, and we hope you’ll get out for a bite! Try something new! Follow our socials to stay in the loop as we work to promote participating Southeast Seattle food venues.

Niko’s Gyros Beacon Hill
1636 S McClellan St | Beacon Hill | (206) 397-4986 | Mon-Sat, 12-8 pm

Nikos Gyros opened and operated out of Magnolia since 1996 – providing Seattle with authentic Greek food for 24 years. But in 2019, Chef and Owner, Alexandra Serponos, along with her son and key motivator, Niko, saw an opportunity they couldn’t pass up; They were going to open their second location in the growing and diverse neighborhood of Beacon Hill.

“My son Niko planted the seed and inspired the expansion,” says Alexandra. “After visiting the location, we both knew that it felt right.”

Nikos Gyros takes pride in their family-run business and they cherish the neighborhoods and families that continue to support them. Alexandra’s family has owned various restaurants in the past. “You could say that it’s in our blood, I personally live and breathe food, cooking, and all it encompasses from beginning to end.

Their goal is to continue to provide a quality and consistent product for a fair price, which in turn will create a positive experience of authenticity for repeat and loyal customers. After getting a year under their belts in the Beacon Hill neighborhood, Nikos Gyros joins Plate of Nations to extend their hospitality, their heritage, and their food to those loyal customers and the ones who have yet to visit.

Perihelion Brewery
2800 16th Ave S | Beacon Hill | (206) 200-3935 | Wed-Th 4-10 pm, Fri-Sun 12-10 pm

Perihelion Brewery opened Beacon Hill’s first-ever brewery in February 2016 at the corner of South McClellan Street and Beacon Avenue South. Spacious indoor seating and a covered patio complete with fire pits. They brew all their own beer right on the spot in their 7 BBL brewery. Not only that but they serve house-made mustard with their pretzels and smoke all their meats and nuts in-house, adding the taste of black cherry wood to their meats. Incredible burgers, smoked salmon and Caribbean sandwiches, stout adobo wings–and don’t forget to try the fried brussels sprouts!

Order online at (place your order there and pay online through Square). You can also stay safely distanced while you order onsite, just walk up to their outside order window (on McClellan) and use the low touch payment options like Apple Pay or tap your card.

Buddah Bruddah
2201 Rainier Ave S | Mt Baker | (206) 556-4134 | Mon-Sat 11 am – 8:15 pm, Sun 4-8:15 pm

Run by husband-and-wife duo Drea and Mark Mizer, Buddha Bruddah started out as a food truck, serving up their “Asian mixed plates” — a new spin on the traditional Hawaiian plate lunch — across the city before they outgrew the truck’s commissary kitchen and found the perfect spot on Rainier to settle down. Now, they are working on expanding to a second location in Kirkland.

In everything from its name to its mixed-plate specialties, Buddha Bruddah pays homage to Mark’s heritage and bringing together cultures through food. Half-German and half-Thai, Mark was a minority growing up in Kirkland — but he felt right at home on his frequent childhood visits to Hawaii, where the mixed plate was born out of sugarcane workers from across the world sharing their cuisines with one another. The food truck sprang from a desire to honor his mother’s history and talent: she owned one of the very first Thai restaurants in Seattle in the early 80s. Mark was planning to open a food truck with her — he’d even bought a used taco truck in Phoenix and driven it up to Seattle and begun remodeling it — when she passed away unexpectedly.

About a year after her death, Drea was laid off from her job in the mortgage industry — and that’s when the pair decided to put the food truck sitting in their driveway to use and launch Buddha Bruddah themselves. Their Asian fusion food has a heavy Thai-Hawaiian influence, and they focus on fresh ingredients, innovative approaches to cuisine, and making absolutely everything from scratch.

The Original Philly’s
3019 MLK Jr Way S | Mt Baker | (206) 723-7445 | Mon-Sat 11 am -7 pm, Sun closed

Guy, a Philadelphia native, has been the owner since 2003 along with owners Charles and Minerva Humphrie who founded and operated The Original Philly’s in 1994. He was well established in the corporate world back east when a buddy in Seattle asked him to help open a Philadelphia-style restaurant. Guy was ready for a change from the daily grind so he got on a plane and landed in Seattle not thinking he would become a restaurant owner. “I wanted to bring an authentic Philly cheesesteak to the people of the PNW and have them love it like I do.”

Guy was surprised to find out how much he enjoyed the work and that he was good at it. He found his niche in the restaurant business. It isn’t just the restaurant business that he enjoys; he is inspired by the vibrant location of Philly’s at the intersection of MLK & Rainier and the diverse clientele. “I love the diversity of the community here,” he said. His customers include Franklin high school students at lunch, light rail commuters in the evening and a loyal base of regular Philly followers. According to Guy, it’s all about being legit. “I’m from Philly and know how to make it right,” he said.

Lottie’s Lounge
4900 Rainier Ave S | Columbia City | (206) 725-0519 | Tues-Sat 4-11 pm, Sun 4 -10 pm, Mon closed

Columbia City’s Neighborhood Bar. Signature cocktails. Great food. Amazing Cocktails to-go. Historic setting with custom back bar.

Delish Ethiopian Cuisine
5701 Rainier Ave S | Hillman City | (206)-723-3821 | Mon Wed-Fri 4- 10 pm, Sat & Sun 11 am -10 pm

Delish Ethiopian Cuisine is a family-owned business. Our family is committed to preparing your meals with the freshest ingredients that are wholesome and safe to eat.

The restaurant is owned by Delish and his wife Amy (who is also the head chef).

At Delish, we treat our visitors like family, and whether it’s our large variety of veggie cuisines, finger-licking meat-based dishes, and anything in between; we will make sure that when you come to Delish Ethiopian Cuisine, you get one of the most satisfying dining experiences around.

Le’s Deli & Bakery
C, 4219 S Othello St #105 | Othello | (206) 397-4352 | Mon-Fri 8:30 am-8 pm, Sat 9 am – 7 pm, Sun 9 am – 6 pm

Le’s Deli & Bakery, an Essential SE Seattle Collective restaurant, is served by HomeSight & MLK Business Association. Le’s Deli & Bakery is located in the Othello neighborhood. Started by Cindy and her Husband in 2016, Le’s Deli & Bakery has since become a staple in the Othello neighborhood. They not only provide delicious food but a space where everyone feels welcomed and a part of the family.


For people who love Beacon Hill’s ethnic, social, and economic diversity, Beacon Business Alliance promotes the neighborhood, connects stakeholders, and more.


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Business Resource Open House: BROH 9/21 Resources

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On Tuesday, September 21, 2021, the Business Resource Open House met virtually to discuss how to work together towards an equitable relationship economy with a focus on Seattle’s local food economy. As we waited for guests to arrive and the meeting to start, multi-instrumentalist and Seattle musician Benjamin Hunter played guitar and sang, and spoke on our theme: The Business of Community. Read on for a quick recap of the resources and thoughts shared during this engaging online meeting.

The Business Resource Open House (BROH) is a free panel discussion that connects Seattle’s small business owners, entrepreneurs, and nonprofit organizations with local business experts, community leaders, and resources like mentoring and financing. The goal of these meetings is to strengthen businesses that serve their local communities. This webinar series is presented with live translation services in Amharic, Mandarin, Spanish, and Vietnamese.

Business Resource Open House 9/21/21 Graphic Recording by Mari Shibuya

Local artist and muralist Mari Shibuya created a graphic recording informed and inspired by the discussion that took place throughout the meeting. Below is her artist statement.

“This graphic tells a part of the story of the network of community that brings to life any vision. It is through relationships and building trust that we can begin to heal as a collective from the toxic forms of systemic racism that have imbalanced the playing field for black-owned businesses and communities of color. It is through our relationships, access to education, and resources that we can begin to move as a collective and build a connective and resilient relationship-based economy. To do this, it is imperative that we slow down and think of how our choices are impacting one another.”

Co-Host Jenefeness Tucker, Certified Business Advisor: Jenefeness Tucker has been coaching, educating and training entrepreneurs for more than 16 years. She joins the Washington Small Business Development Center (SBDC) by way of Columbus, Ohio, and also served clients at the Connecticut SBDC. Jenefeness is the author of several books, including “Finesse My Business: From Launching to Levitating,” “21 Day FI$CAL Bootcamp Workbook” and “Finesse My Time Management System.” Over the course of her career, Jenefeness has worked in the private sector, the public sector, for start-ups, for large corporations and small businesses, always seeking opportunities to educate and empower herself and those around her.

Jenefeness recommends Black-Owned Business Excellence for resources and an excellent calendar of events and training opportunities.

9/21/21 BROH Chat Quote: “WE ARE RESILIENT!!!!”

Co-Host Jay Lyman, Librarian: Jay Lyman is a librarian at The Seattle Public Library where he empowers entrepreneurs at every stage with skill-building workshops, access to market data, and connections to other community experts that help in many different ways. He has organized a number of programs that help small businesses use technology to market and deliver services and products to their customers.

Jay recommends the Seattle Public Library’s Library to Business program for resources, classes, and workshops. Jay also curated a full list of BROH 9/21/21 panelists and resource partners.

MC John Chen, Founder & Owner Geoteaming: John started Geoteaming 23 years ago and is a recognized thought leader on digital team building. He is the John Wiley and Sons author of “50 Digital Team Building Games”, a top-selling business book. More than 200,000 clients across the United States and in countries including Spain, France and Taiwan have experienced breakthrough results.

John recommends checking out his Engaging Virtual Meetings website for programs and events and his book Engaging Virtual Meetings.

Panelist B.J. Stewart, Chief Operations Officer: B.J. leads Urban Impact’s economic development efforts, supporting entrepreneurs in Seattle’s under-resourced communities. As C.OO, he directs Urban Impact’s Strategic Planning, Human Resources, Financial Management, and Administration functions. He also manages Urban Impact’s Strategic Initiatives, including Urban Impact-owned programs and fiscal sponsorships.

B.J. recommends Urban Impact’s Thrive Business Academy and Sharks on the Beach, a business pitch training program.

9/21/21 BROH Quote: “When someone knocks on your door to take advantage of resources (that are mostly FREE), now is the time to take advantage!”

Panelist Sheryl Wiser, Director of Outreach: Sheryl Wiser is the Director of Outreach at Tilth Alliance and lead staff for Eat Local First & The Washington Food & Farm Finder, a multi-partnership collaboration between food system organizations around the state. She is a passionate advocate for sustainable agriculture and consumer education promoting the local food economy.

Sheryl recommends registering for Eat Local First, for farmers, fishers, and food businesses or organizations.

9/21/21 BROH Chat Quote: “In the first three months of the pandemic, e-commerce reached the levels predicted for ten years worth of growth. This was reported in the Puget Sound Business Journal.”

Resource Partner Jennifer Tam, Food Business Advocate: Jennifer is the Food Business Advocate at the Seattle Office of Economic Development. She helps people navigate through the requirements and regulations when opening or expanding a small business in Seattle including providing information about the permitting and licensing processes and connecting businesses to small business development resources.

Jennifer recommends the Seattle OED Youth Web Design Program and Seattle OED Digital Sales Access Program.

The Business Resource Open House webinar series is co-created by Beacon Business Alliance and SPL’s Library-to-Business. Production by John Chen, CEO Geoteaming. Sponsors include Rainier Ave Business Coalition, Essential Southeast Seattle Collective, with partial funding from Verity Credit Union and the Office of Economic Development.

For a full list of Business Resource Open House 9/21/21 co-hosts, panelists, and resource partners check out the Seattle Library to Business list here. You can also watch the full live stream of the BROH event in English through the BBA Facebook page.

We are building a video library of BROH highlight clips and live in-language translation recordings of the full meeting. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and help us reach our goal of 100 subscribers!


For people who love Beacon Hill’s ethnic, social, and economic diversity, Beacon Business Alliance promotes the neighborhood, connects stakeholders, and more.


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