About the Artist

Carol is a Seattle-based interdisciplinary artist who believes deeply in the power of art to build community. Her award-winning work engages audiences in conversations about social, environmental, and racial justice. In addition to being an accomplished visual and narrative storyteller, Carol is a musician of 21 years who plays the violin and the viola. Carol enjoys hiking in the Pacific Northwest’s numerous old growth forests and is a certified City of Seattle Parks & Recreation Urban Forest Educator.

About the Business

REACH builds relationships with people experiencing homelessness and connects them to the help that they need – everything from food and clothing to medical care, shelter, and mental health and/or substance use treatment. Living outside results from a variety of factors ranging from unlucky circumstance to systemic discrimination based on class, race, substance use, or mental health. It may take time for people to be ready for services like shelter, mental health care, or substance use disorder treatment, so we meet people where they are and work with them to meet the goals that they define.