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Beacon Hill is a great place to be, yet it’s often overlooked among Seattle’s many neighborhoods. We strongly promote our member businesses, and we are also boosters for the Beacon Hill commercial district to the rest of the city.  Creating a unified and consistent message for our neighborhood will help turn perceptions on their head, and promote our district as a great place to visit, shop and eat. 

If you are a Beacon Hill business owner, we would love to help amplify your message through social media and community outreach.  We can also connect you with networking opportunities, neighborhood events and markets, local expertise, and other resources to take your marketing & promotion to the next level.

We have also partnered with business district associations across Southeast Seattle to create a virtual marketplace for our community.  The marketplace can provide your business with a free page, allowing you to list your products, link to your existing e-commerce platform, and set up a virtual “tip jar” to receive support.  Get in touch with us if you’d like to learn more about making the most out of this free community resource.

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Paid members are given organizational voting rights, included in group marketing efforts, listed on the website, informed of all meetings and any unique marketing opportunities. 

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For people who love Beacon Hill’s ethnic, social, and economic diversity, Beacon Business Alliance promotes the neighborhood, connects stakeholders, and more.


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