Small Business Pregones

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On Sunday, May 21 from 3-6pm in Plaza Roberto Maestas, the Beacon Business Alliance (BBA) and Movimiento Afro Latino Seattle (MÁS) will present Beacon Hill Small Business Pregones, an open-air performance celebrating Latin American and Caribbean street traditions. Performances will highlight the cultural diversity of Seattle’s Latin America and Caribbean communities, reflecting the contributions of indigenous people and people of African descent.

Pregones are the rhythmic or musical cries of street vendors. Before the advent of mass media, pregones announced the news, advertised products, and attracted customers. In many regions, they evolved into their own musical genre and became powerful tools of collective resistance. This event will recreate the atmosphere of a Latin American market, with local artists debuting five new pregones/songs that they developed through months of collaboration with Beacon Hill business owners.

Participating groups include Seattle Fandango Project, Hijos de Agüeybaná, DE CAJóN Project, Alfredo Chavez, and Correo Aéreo. The local businesses that will debut their new pregones are Beacon Hill Nutrition, The Station, Cafetal Quilombo, Recetas de Abuelita, and Antojitos Lita Rosita.

This family-friendly event is free and open to the public. Food will be available for sale during the event.
For more information, please contact Milvia Pacheco or Angela Castañeda.


Seattle Fandango Project

The Fandango traditions of Veracruz, Mexico, use music, singing, and dancing to generate a spirit of convivencia—of living and being in community. For more than a decade, musicians in Veracruz and in California have built a movement of convivencia through Fandango Sin Fronteras (Fandango Without Borders).

The Seattle Fandango Project, operating as a collective, brings this movement to Seattle through workshops, concerts, and public discussions with guest artists. Come experience, and learn!

Correo Aéreo

Hailing from Mexico City, Abel Rocha is a vocalist, string instrumentalist of various forms of folk guitars (Quinta Huapanguera, Jaranas, Cuatro Venezolano), harpist, and player of many native instruments from Mexico, Venezuela, Argentina, and other South American countries.

Before forming Correo Aéreo in 1992, he made concert tours of the United States, Canada and Mexico.  Since 2001 he chose Seattle as a place to live and has been part of different artistic groups and educational and cultural projects, most recently Trio Guadalevin. 

Hijos de Agüeybaná

Directed by Otoqui Reyes, Hijos de Agüeybaná is made up of eight artists committed to preserving their Afro-Caribbean roots. The group has more than ten years of experience conducting and offering workshops and courses on the historical and cultural importance of the bomba genre. Otoqui's current focus centers in art and music as a vehicle of liberation or expression.

Alfredo Chavez

Alfredo is a composer, multi-instrumentalist, and singer. His group repertoire includes bolero, pasillo, cueca, joropo, cumbia, son, guajira, Andean music, merengue and calypso, as well as popular ballads. An educator and cultural ambassador, Chávez was previously Folk Troubadour and Professor at the National University of Panama.

DE CAJóN Project

DE CAJóN Project is a community arts organization dedicated to highlighting the cultural contributions of people of African descent in Peru. As a movement, they facilitate music and dance workshops, offer lectures and residencies, perform widely throughout the Pacific Northwest, and build intercultural and intergenerational communities through art.


Beacon Hill Nutrition

A place where people gather together to talk about health and nutrition ... A place where the Beacon Hill community can connect with fitness classes and order delicious smoothies, protein-rich waffles, or specialty coffees.  All that they servir is healthy! 

The Station

The Station is a representation of the commitment of our owners, staff and customers to continue having a visible stronghold in Beacon Hill, a community that has served us for decades- in a vast city that is rapidly changing. We have always been more than just a coffee house and wine bar.

Cafetal Quilombo

A cozy restaurant focused on serving up authentic Mexican food for the Beacon Hill neighborhood.  You can order freshly made tamales, chilaquiles, pozole, tacos, quesadillas, and more.

Recetas de Abuelita

Recetas de Abuelita serves up delicious food with authentic homemade flavor.  Located in the Roberto Maestas Plaza - stop by to try their tacos, quesadillas, and tamales.  

Antojitos Lita Rosita

Rosa, originally from San Pedro Tututepec in Oaxaca, brings the best in Oaxacan cuisine made with care and love to our community.   Her business serves great dishes like tlayudas, tamales, sopes, and tostadas.