Town Center Workshop Thursday June 9th 10:30

  • Will removing parking stimulate or hurt local business? Will new development bring an influx of cars, or customers? Is there a better way to configure our streets?
  • Can we preserve and enhance the history and culture of Beacon Hill through welcoming and wayfinding signage? Are there other, better ways?
  • How do we influence proposed buildings and projects for the best possible outcomes? How can projects influence each other and contribute to a growing town center?
  • How can we ensure that, as we grow, our business district will reflect our values, our aesthetics, and our community?

If you’re interested in these and other questions surrounding development on Beacon Hill, let us know and we’ll put you on the list for the Beacon Hill Town Center workshop on June 9th.  It’s an opportunity to discuss individual projects, as well as the larger picture of where we’re headed as a community.