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Make sure to come into the north Beacon Hill commercial district to check out the newly installed banners at the Light Rail Station Plaza.

Beacon Hill Residents and business owners that have been around a a few years will remember the original banners, constructed using flexible material that moved with the wind like a sail. During a particularly wild winter storm at least one of the poles blew down. Well, we’ve been hoping for the replacement ever since! The process of redesigning the poles for stability all year around, particularly for a heavy weather event, has taken quite some time and has involved many, like artist Carl Smool, Sound Transit Art Program Manager Barbara Luecke, Quality Assurance Project Manager Bill Gardner (see photo), and a team of Sound Transit engineers and project managers all invested in closing the loop on this public art project now proudly adorning the Beacon Hill plaza.   Rest assured, the newly installed model is solid, and as Mr. Smool commented this morning, “more dynamic and interactive with the environment with more color scattered throughout the motifs, and each motif is demential so, with the open mesh work, the edges will catch light.” Cheers and thank you to everyone involved in the project!      


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