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The Beacon Business Alliance (formerly Beacon Hill Merchants) offers small business technical assistance and a wide range of programming with a focus on the commercial core, bringing more shoppers into our area, and improving connectivity between stakeholders.

Here are some highlights of our work:

  • Neighborhood Networking: Develop ways for local businesses to network, and enhance each other’s customer base. Join us for quarterly webinar series co-created with SPL’s Library to Business Program “Business Resource Open House – The Business of Community” for networking with small business advocates and peers. Register for the next one from our Facebook page or the calendar on
  • Cross Promotion / Marketing: Collaborate with other districts along the Link light rail line to develop coordinated marketing campaigns. Develop an appropriate message to market Beacon Hill as a place to visit, shop, and dine.
  • Community Events: Before COVID-19 we planned and implemented events that serve our mission to help promote our businesses and encourage community engagement, like the Jefferson Park Jubilee, the Beacon Boogie, Beacon Rocks!, and Shop Seattle Gems. Since spring 2020 we have transitioned to virtual events, like the quarterly webinar series mentioned above.
  • Public Safety on Beacon Hill: Work with City Departments and community groups to increase public safety by reducing problems of loitering and petty crime in our business district and promoting clean-up campaigns along the main business corridor.
  • Business District Planning:  Monitor proposed projects on Beacon Hill and advocate for the best possible outcomes. We bring property owners and quality developers to the table. We advocate for an integrated revitalization plan that will generate a new town center while preserving existing businesses.
  • Facade Improvement Campaign: Outreach to both businesses and property owners to improve the fronts of buildings along Beacon Avenue. We will also work to assist property owners with funding through the grant writing process.
  • Activate Vacant and Underused Property: Assist potential businesses with finding a Beacon Hill location, and assist property owners with finding the right tenants. We believe there should never be an empty storefront in our community. We successfully advocated for the community college option to go into the Pacific Tower (former Amazon HQ).
  • Meeting Space Resource: Maintain an office that is accessible to the public and available for scheduling by other community groups as a meeting space. We also maintain calendars for the use of the office, as well as for community events.
  • Strong Relationships: Develop and maintain relationships with other local non-profits and organizations including El Centro de la Raza, the Duwamish District Council, Homesight, Beacon Arts, Beacon Hill Safe Streets, Beacon Food Forest, Friends of Lewis Park, Sustainable Seattle, and many others.
  • Social Media Presence: Maintain active online communications that allow for better marketing and advocacy for Beacon Hill businesses.

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For people who love Beacon Hill’s ethnic, social, and economic diversity, Beacon Business Alliance promotes the neighborhood, connects stakeholders, and more.

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