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Seattle and King County Elections 2019

START HERE Seattleites typically vote on stuff every 2 years. We vote by mail! Ballots for the Primary Election will be mailed out on July 18 (Primary Election is Aug. 6 / General is Nov. 4)

What district do I live in?

In short: If you live in or around Beacon Hill, you’re probably in District 2 (or “D2”)  For the long answer, keep reading!

What is a “district”?

Districts designate geographical areas in order to balance representation among legislators / legislative bodies for voters. NOTE: Both City and County councils have nine members who serve four-year terms. All council elections are non-partisan, though council members may be members of particular political parties.

What are we voting on?

At the County Level: Commissioners for each of the following: King County Council member for D2, Port of Seattle positions 2 & 5 (voted for “at large” vs. by district), & our Water & Sewer Districts (8 commissioner positions total to be voted on by the people). Plus: King Co. Assessor, Elections Director, Prosecutor & Superior Court judges & a few other things. (Continue reading on the upper-right!)
At the City Level: The Seattle City Council member for D2+ Plus a whole bunch of ballot measures, and some public schools Directors (not in our district, which is D7) & public hospital stuff.

Wait—what are ballot measures?

Mostly proposed laws (or legislation), some proposed by legislators / or legislative bodies—like our County or City council, for instance—and some are “initiated” by regular folx. The latter are called initiatives (often shortened to “I” something, e.g. I-940). These could be increases/decreases in taxes, gun restrictions, anything, really. Tip: Look for County/City voters guides/pamphlets to guide you on all of the above. Will be available online here soon!

Now, some details:

DistrictsIf you live in/near Beacon Hill, you’re likely in District 2 (or “D2”). But districts are complicated. Seattleites belong to specific districts—with varying geographical boundaries—based on where they live and what governing body (or bodies) oversee the area.King County residents belong to County Council and City Council voting districts. Beacon Hill is in “District 2” for both governing bodies, but the County council D2 covers a larger area. The county and city districts share a name and numerical value—and their boundaries overlap—but the two districts called “District 2” are not one in the same. Ex: Fremont is in County Council D2, but depending on where Fremonsters live, they might be in *City* Council D4 or D6!). NOTE: We also have two “at-large” City Council members representing all of Seattle.

Tell me more about:

The Seattle City Council—Approves the city’s budget and develops laws and policies for the city. The King County Council—Sets policies, enacts laws, and adopts budgets “that guide an array of services.” This council holds final approval over the budget for the county. The Port of Seattle—A “special-purpose municipal corporation” that serves King Co., that connects WA State travel & transportation services—aviation (planes / airports; they own/operate SeaTac!), maritime (boats), & rail (trains, but not Sound Transit’s Link light rail). Manages logistics of various means of travel, & trade services. They also own/manage A LOT of public real estate. Five “commissioners” govern the Port (serving 4-year terms). The King County Assessor, Elections Director, and Prosecutor—Assessor: assesses property values. Elections Director: oversees “accurate, secure, and accessible elections.” Prosecutor: heads up the King County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office (which employs 400+ ppl).

So what does the mayor do?

The mayor is the head of the executive branch of the Seattle government. Is authorized by the city charter to enforce laws enacted by City Council and directs various officers in city departments. Also preps the city’s budget for Council approval. What are “Primary” Vs. “General” elections? During the “Primaries,” we vote for our favorite candidates. The top two contenders move on to the General election in November. *Primary Elections: Aug. 6 | General Election: Nov. 5 ✓✓✓ NOTE: Voters will see 3 WA State Court of Appeals judges for Division 1 (which is based in Seattle) in the General. These seats are uncontested, the judges are running to keep their jobs.

…And what the heck is a “Candidate Forum”?

An opportunity for voters to meet candidates running in an upcoming election, publicly, to learn about their platforms—ideas, values, priorities—ask them questions, and (sometimes) more.

Beacon Hill’s District 2 Candidate Forum @ Centilia Cultural Center (1660 Roberto Maestas Fest. St) Thurs., July 18 from 6:30 – 8 PM. * FREE PUBLIC EVENT *

District 2 Neighborhood Candidate Forum (see Events page) @ New Holly Gathering Hall (7054 32nd Ave S.) Wed., Oct. 23 from 6 – 9 PM. * FREE PUBLIC EVENT *

LEARN & DO MORE: Make sure you’re registered to vote, find your districts, and more on NOTE: You should have received your ballot, voter’s pamphlet, and election guide in the mail by now. If you have not received these materials, go to and make sure you get what you need. You can also contact the elections department directly via email or phone:
Voting Deadlines:
  • 8 days before Election Day: To register by mail or online, your application must be received no later than 8 days before Election Day.
  • Election Day: Visit a local voting center to register or update your address in person no later than 8 p.m. on Election Day.(Note: “Election Day” is usually considered November 5, when we vote in the General Election. If you want to vote in the Primary Election on August 6, be sure to check your voter registration at least 8 days prior to that election to be sure your vote will be counted. Then vote again on or before November 5 in the General.)
More helpful links: Learn more about…
Featured image: Official Flag of the City of Seattle (via City Archives)


For people who love Beacon Hill’s ethnic, social, and economic diversity, Beacon Business Alliance promotes the neighborhood, connects stakeholders, and more.

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May 2019 eNews

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Seattle, WA

Save the date for our District 2 Candidate Forum!

On Thursday, July 18 from 6–8 PM, Beacon Business Alliance and Beacon Hill Council will co-host a D2 Candidate Forum for the community to learn about candidates’ platforms, ask questions, register to vote, and more.

This free event will be held at Centilia Cultural Center (1660 S. Roberto Maestas Festival St). We’ve invited candidates for Seattle City Council, King County Council, and the Port of Seattle. When we have a confirmed list of guests, we’ll post it to our events page and social media channels. RSVP > Follow us now on FacebookTwitterand Instagram.

We Want Some Face Time!

There’s no better way to build positive relationships than to meet up in person.

Upcoming opportunities for us to gather:

BBA June Networking Happy Hour Join us for a community Networking Happy Hour!

Tues., June 18, 4:30–6 PM

Tippe & Drague Alehouse (Patio) 3315 Beacon Ave S.

BBA members and the community at large are invited to attend our networking events. Get some face time with one another and with the BBA board and staff. Meet other members, learn about becoming a member, and/or just find out more about us and our work. We’ll provide tasty finger food, talk about the year so far, what’s coming up, introduce board members, and invite your questions. We hope to see you there! RSVP >

— — —

Coming Soon!

BBA Casual Coffee Hours

Alternating Tuesdays at Beacon Hill cafés— all are welcome!

(Beginning September, 2019)

We’re adding another opportunity to get some face time with the BBA board, staff, members, and each other! All are welcome to warm up with us indoors this fall as we meet regularly in this casual setting to build relationships, answer your questions, and eat and drink tasty things at Beacon Hill cafés!

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for upcoming Casual Coffee Hour dates and locations. We’ll also share out this info in our August eNews. You can keep up with our events and all the happenings on our website and Facebook. Follow us on Instagram too!

— — —

Can’t Meet Up in Person?  Have an Urgent Question?

Reach us any time:

By email:

By phone: Call our Director, Angela Castañeda @ 206-459-1430

By snail mail: 2821 Beacon Ave S., Seattle, WA. 98144

Your best bet is to make an appointment if you want to catch us in person and can’t make one of our networking events (we share our space with several partner organizations). But feel free to stop by our office at 2821 Beacon Ave S., just inside the Beacon Hill Library, to your right. If we’re not holding a private meeting, we’re happy to chat, show you around our resource center, and be of service in any way we can.

We’re here for you!

New Businesses on Beacon!

Beacon Hill Nutrition

2523 15th Ave S.

Karina Ruiz just opened this spot where nutrition, yoga, fitness, and all around good health converge and it promises to be a great addition to Beacon Hill, offering tasty (and healthy!) smoothies/shakes, delectable, protein-packed treats, and fitness classes and more to boot! Follow Beacon Hill Nutrition on Facebook to learn more and/or stop by the new space and say hi!
— — —

Urban Playground

4351 15th Ave S.

Urban Playground is a new fitness club (across from MacPherson’s Fruit & Produce) focusing on wellness and utilizing “fitness as method to start the journey towards achieving optimum health.” We had a chance to meet owner/founder Dave Macaluso recently and it was really exciting to learn about Urban Playground’s mission, their services, and more. Learn more on the their website and/or follow them on Facebook
— — —

Café Vizcaya

2532 Beacon Ave S.

Breakfast, Beacon Hill! They serve breakfast! But also lunch and dinner. Whoohoo! Entrees include: steak, pasta, paella, and more! Menu is Cuban and Spanish-inspired. See full menu.

Hours: Tuesday: 11AM–8 PM Wednesday: 11AM–8 PM Thursday: 11AM–8 PM Friday: 11AM–9 PM Saturday: 9 AM–9 PM Sunday: 9 AM–8 PM (Closed Mondays)

— — —

…And Coming Soon: Musang!!!

That’s right! Melissa Miranda and her Filipinx restaurant pop-up, Musang, obliterated their Kickstarter to fully fund the chef’s dream of opening a brick and mortar on Beacon. Look for the new spot this fall! (And stay tuned for location and other updates!) Follow the journey on Facebook and Instagram. Chef Melissa Miranda of “Musang” (Image: Seattle Met)

Hey, look!

We got “Welcome” signs!

We finally got the welcome signs up! Take a look as you pass them (on Golf Dr. and Spokane St., respectively)

A Beloved Beacon Business Is Going Away…

After seven years on the hill, Traveler’s Thali House closed its doors on June 2

Traveler’s Thali House has been serving gorgeous, authentic and “creative,” Indian vegetarian cuisine for years on Beacon Hill (they were formerly on Capitol Hill). They’ve had a great run and, at times, a difficult one. They say they “may” be available for catering, or special events down the road, but in the meantime will continue running their tea and spice business as “Travelers India Inc.” and “Travelers Tea Co.,”—primarily online—and will keep making their incredible Masala Chai! (You can find it now at the Station coffee shop and other Seattle locations.) Chef Allen Kornmesser and co-owner Leon Reed posted a beautiful letter to the community on their website: “Everything must come to an end, and it is clear to us that after seven years on Beacon Hill, it is time for Travelers Thali House to call it a day. May will be our last full month. We will do our best to keep regular hours during this time. We’re sorry to abandon those of you who have been, and continue to be, regular customers (the ones who have never missed a thali, those who come every week). You’ve become like family, and we’ll miss you terribly. And to those of you who could come rarely, but who loved the experience, and chose us as a place to bring your closest friends and family, we are sorry we won’t be there for you. We know some of you won’t be able to find home-style Indian vegetarian food like we’ve specialized in. We tried to fill a void in the market, and we did!” Read the full letter here and follow them on Facebook for more info and to keep up with these great folx.

Connect 10K—Authentic Southeast Seattle Stories Straight from the Source 

The Rainier Chamber of Commerce embarked on a unique program last year, Connect 10,000, to bring Southeast Seattle stories to life through video interviews with small business owners. We love this concept and have been working in parallel and in partnership to ensure Beacon Hill stories are included in the mix of South End stories being told right now. Stay tuned and please reach out to us if you’re interested in participating in this project in some way. Take a look at the Connect 10K project online and find Southeast Seattle stories right now as they’re released to the the Connect 10K Facebook page.

Garden House Gets Seattle Historic Landmark Status!

Seattle’s Landmark Preservation Board voted unanimously (again!)—this time to officially designate the Garden House a Seattle Historic Landmark

If you’ve been following efforts to preserve the Garden House, you may have heard that on 4/3/19 it was officially designated a Seattle Historic Landmark! Thanks to the organized efforts of the Seattle Beacon Hill Historic Preservation Coalition (of which BBA is a member), led by Beacon Arts—who filed the paperwork to nominate Garden House as a historic landmark—and the many community members who came forward in support to tell their stories and make their pleas to preserve the house and precious open space, the campaign was a huge success. The house and grounds (including the pear orchard!) received designation by the Seattle Landmark Preservation Board for historic landmark status, placing protections on the property from major alterations, and most importantly, from demolition. The Seattle Beacon Hill Historic Preservation Coalition published this message after the vote:  “Thank you for helping make this icon of Beacon Hill more secure for future generations. This designation provides immediate protection for the pear orchard in regards to the pending proposal to replace it with 5 town homes. Read the full report for more history of the house and details of the designation (on last page). “While Garden House is a win, there are many other important heritage sites in our community that may require protection from the increased threat of re-development especially in the newly up-zoned area from Beacon Hill International School to Spokane Street. To that end, Beacon Hill Council is seeking people to be part of a historic preservation committee that may evolve into a Beacon Hill Historic Society. If you would like more information about this volunteer effort email Maria Batayola.
Find the full letter and more info at


We hope you made it out to the 30th-Annual Beacon Hill Festival last Saturday! WTG, Beacon Arts and the Jefferson Advisory Council for another great year!

Day Moon Press closed up shop for the day to open a pop-up on the lawn at the festival!

Photo: Day Moon Press (via Facebook)

The Seattle Chinese Athletic Association was out there early greeting event-goers and getting them to take a shot.

Photo: Seattle Chinese Athletic Association (via Facebook)


The Neighborhood Emergency Hub shared a table with Chobo-Ji (the Zen Buddhist Temple on S. Horton around the corner from Tippe & Drague Alehouse).  

Photo: via Facebook


32nd Threads represented with some really sweet Beacon Hill swag. We can’t wait to see you all out there wearing yours!

Photo: via 32Threads on Facebook

— — —

More South End summer events to check out…

(listed in chronological order)

Standing On My Sisters Shoulders

We Out Here Exhibition and Festival

Free Meaningful Movie – I Am Not Your Negro

Seattle Dragon Fest

Somali Unity Day Festival

Farm Fest at Rainier Beach Urban Farm & Wetlands

2019 Seattle Bon Odori

Othello Block Party

Find other upcoming community events by using the following resources:

Jefferson Community Center always has lots going on for people of all ages and abilities. Find the Spring/Summer 2019 brochure for Southeast Seattle community centers here. And families/caregivers: Check out the Jefferson Community Center Toddler Gym schedule here. Shout out to Betty Jean Williamson of Beacon Arts for her community wrangling skills. Thanks to her efforts—and those of other movers and shakers—we’re working collectively to create a holistic community events calendar. Stay tuned!


For people who love Beacon Hill’s ethnic, social, and economic diversity, Beacon Business Alliance promotes the neighborhood, connects stakeholders, and more.

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